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Lust list: Why I love a text-based tangle

June 23, 2010

Whether it’s a quick flirtatious text messages or a drawn-out date via instant message, I adore a text-based tangle. Here’re a few reasons why.

1. Wardrobe: Sometimes I want to put on my hot heels and hit the town, but give me a hot, lazy weeknight and a cold beer and gchat will keep me entertained for hours. In other words: Quality romantic time without having to get out of my gym shorts? Yes please.

2. Courage: There’s something really freeing about not having the object of my desire right in front of me that gives me the ovaries to say what I mean. At times quite explicitly. I’m pretty sure the dudes dig it, too.

3. Distance (geographical): It seems like I’m forever getting involved with a non-Phoenician, but technology means it doesn’t matter as much. I’ve even managed an international fling or two thanks to the magic of the Internet and mobile phones.

4. Distance (personal): Sometimes dudes are just too excited or too ridiculous for words. When we’re typing instead of talking, they have to put in a bit of thought and cram all that energy into a few lines of text. It’s like a keyboard filters out the stupid so I don’t have to deal with it.

5. Juggling: I can be out in the flesh with one dude while texting another one. It’s not even a big deal. Not that I make it a habit, because that’s just rude.

6. Words, words, words: I’m a writer. I like to use my words, and I really like it when a guy can string a nice sentence together. A big vocabulary always impresses me, and typing seems to bring it out of even seeming monosyllabic men.

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  1. July 8, 2010 5:36 pm

    I’m with you on the sexting. It’s a lot of fun, pretty convenient, and can be uber-hot. It definitely provides some extra courage, and yes, guys do love it.

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